Tongyu introduces AeroSlim antenna line

Telecom operators face challenges in increasing network capacity and coverage while optimizing tower space for new technologies such as 700MHz and 800MHz bands, and 4T4R requirement (I.e. 4-ports) on all those bands. Aside from these the network must be able to perform in different extreme weather conditions that arise.

To address these challenges, we have developed AeroSlim narrow antenna solution with a special emphasis on reducing wind load. This compact and slim multi-band antenna, supports all frequency bands and minimizes wind load in all directions, making it suitable for crowded, visually sensitive sites and towers with limited load-bearing capacity. It helps operators increase network performance while maintaining optimal tower space utilization and ensuring reliable network operation even in areas with a risk of very high winds.

To create this new technology, we have worked on optimizing the performance on the inside while making the antenna design even more compact than before. AeroSlim antenna uses miniaturized dipoles with patented advanced decoupling structures in the low-band array and optimized high-band arrays to ensure best performance across all frequency bands. The compact size and optimized radome shape delivers significant wind load reduction, making it suitable for space limited and high wind areas. The use of GFRPP material has also improved the gain of the antenna. Tongyu’s narrow antenna provides a compact, reliable, and high-performing option for network operators.

With these new models Tongyu meets the request from customers around the world and requirements of today’s mobile infrastructure. AeroSlim antennas can be relied on during high wind conditions due to smaller, lighter and less wind load producing design. Aside from the compact design, the technical solutions in the antenna have enabled to maintain an RF performance usually only reached on larger antennas.

Contact us now for full product specifications. Product samples are in stock in our European warehouse.

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